please click here and tell me where i can get some...

I don't think any Ayam breed of chicken is the US, except for maybe ooh 5 birds of some sort. . . .

However I have heard of Araucanas who "laugh" in their crow, I believe the laugh is caused by small pinprick holes in the throat?
so... malaysian ayam seramas aren't the same as american seramas...?

anyways... that's cool... i want a laughing roo... i already have a squeaky serama and OEGB... but i want one that cracks up at my cheesy jokes...
Wasn't aware Malaysian Seramas were considered Ayam. Course, Ayam means chicken, so, yeah. . . .

But, anyway, there are very few other Ayam types in the US.

To create one from scratch? Good luck is my advice.
oh illia... you always have the answer to all of my questions except this one... sigh...

well... one can only dream right...?
When it comes to importation especially from countries that I believe are illegal to import poultry from, I'm not much help.
But yes, we can all dream. . . I always think to myself, if I had the money to import, I know just what I'd import. But, its country of origin and the only place to find it is on the banned countries list.

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