Please donate your pictures to help us legalize hens!


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9 Years
Feb 17, 2010
Hello folks! We are running a campaign to legalize chickens in our county, and we need some pictures to include in our report and website. A couple years ago, many of you donated some wonderful pictures that we have been honored to use on our website.

However, our county is majority-minority. We especially need pics of people of color with chickens. Right now the only pics we have are of white folks with chicks, but they aren't the only people who love and want chickens! We would like to more accurately represent our more diverse constituency. Unfortunately, we don't really have any pics of our own because of course, chickens are illegal. If you have any pics along these lines, we would really appreciate the opportunity to use them in our webpage.

We would also love pics of neat and tidy urban and suburban coops.

Thanks so much for your help!

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