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8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
The pullet bin of black sex-link chicks at TSC had lots of chicks with white spots on their heads, we got one with and one without. Looking up the 3 breeds we got when I got home, I am reading that a white spot on top of black sex-link chicks means it's male. Other people just say it's too early to tell, but I thought that was the point of sex-linked chicks? Could it be a girl? Would they have really been that confused?? I really don't want to bring the poor chicky back if I don't have to.. but we can't have a rooster, so if it's a definite boy I will have to exchange him
(I realize any chick could turn out to be a male, but I don't want to have one that is hands-down a rooster.)

Anyone raised a black sex-linked chick with a white spot on its head and had it be a lady?

(I didn't see this section of the forums here before posting this question in "raising baby chicks." This is obviously the more appropriate place to ask, so I hope it's okay that I am moving my question here.)
What chicken, you say? Er, sorry, forgot to post the link!

There is a picture of him/her here.
Many of the chicks in that bin had white spots on their heads, so if it was a mix-up it would have to be a mix up of the whole lot.
Barred rock chicks have white spots on their heads; the larger, not well-defined white blotch ones are boys, and those with smaller, more clearly defined white spots are girls.

Your chick looks like it has the girly white spot.
I've posted this same answer about 100 times it seems, but here I go again. My first group of chicks came from Tractor Supply. I can't have a rooster either so I got them from the "assorted pullets" bin. 4 out of my 7 turned out to be roosters. They gave me a refund but I had to find homes for the roosters. Luckily a family friend took one for her 6 RIR ladies and my daughter's friend took the other 3. So, unfortunately my experience tells me that, yes, they can be that wrong. Oh, that's them in my avatar. The little black roosters.
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Arrghh I guess next time I will know better
I was going to look up all the breeds before buying them, but last week when I was there and writing them down they told me not to bother because come Monday they didn't know what they'd have. I guess in the future I will call and ask day of. That way I at least can avoid obvious things like this.
isnt the comb a rose comb it doesnt look like a single to me? if its rose and has dark shades on the front of its legs then it could possibly be a dominique witch are really good birds....

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