Please don't tell me to "do a search" because I have!

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    Jun 18, 2009
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    I know, I know, "Do a Search". [​IMG] But I have and have read until I'm blue in the face and can't find an answer. [​IMG]

    I've opened up the nesting boxes to my 17 week old hens. Figure they are getting close to laying and wanted them to check them out. Dutifully loaded them with fresh straw..........and they, just as dutifully, threw the majority of the straw out of the boxes onto the wood chips on the floor of the coop! [​IMG] Okay, I'm persistent...........but so are they! So the bottoms of the boxes are mainly bare wood and the straw is all over the coop. [​IMG] I've been reading a lot and have decided to cut plastic "grass" doormats to fit the boxes so the eggs won't hit the wood when they fall. But what can I do to convince my girls to use the straw?...............................or should I think about wood chips in the boxes? Any advice from "experts"?
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    Do a seach...


    Okay now a serious answer.
    You question is how to get them to lay in the nest?
    Put a few fake eggs (can be bought cheeply at feedstore) or golfballs. Then wait until they lay there. once they all have take the golf balls out. Whenever you get a new flock put an older hen in so they can show them where to lay

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    some people use wood shavings. I use the hay but have to change it weekly.
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    Ah Chris they are playing with you. [​IMG]

    This is typical behavior so don't worry.....Sounds like they are really not ready for the boxes....I've never tried the outdoor carpet.....It might help.....Isort of make a rounded nest for them in the boxes....Have you tried this?

    GOod luck and happy egg time when it gets here....Depending on your breed you might be 4 to 5 weeks out and may want to put a light on to simulate daylight to encourage laying since our daylight is extremely short.

    Hope this was helpful and have a blessed day.
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    I use wood shavings. same as on the floor.[​IMG]
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    Chris, what kind do you have?

    Oh, I use wood shavings, too.
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  7. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Whatever you put in will be kicked out, no matter how high the lip is. The doormats work well since they are easy to clean. Welcome to the world of persnickety hens! [​IMG]
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    Chris, I don't think you did a thorough enough search. There are a million threads, how could you have perused them all and still have hens? They should have become old and feeble before you were halfway through.

    I put in straw, they kick it all out, I put more straw in, they kick it all out..... Have you tried Super Glue?
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    Apr 16, 2009
    I use wood chips and have to add each box each week, bc they kick it out everywhere too!
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    Yes, we use wood shavings too, the only thing I have found that straw is good for is roosting!!! my girls like to roost on a bale and it does add a little warmth I guess! Good luck I still cant get my hens to stop scattering their food everywhere......they just don't understand "leave it" LOL

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