PLEASE: Egg Peritonitis?

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    Mar 3, 2014
    I think my hen has egg peritonitis. She has has been acting different for a couple of days. I have no avian vet where I live. Her symptoms are like egg bound but we felt no egg. She stands like a penguin with her tail down has hard abdomen and can feel her bones. We feel no egg. She ate some bread and yogurt and I gave her oyster shells. She did drink too. She poops too. I was wondering what I could give her. Her abdomen is hard and not too big. What could I giver her, does duramycin 10 work?-- some have had luck. Anything that has worked and can be purchased like at Tractor Supply would be helpful.

    Thank you so much!
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    Tetracylcine drugs are good for respiratory diseases, fowl cholera, and mild E.Coli disease, but there are better drugs. Unfortunately most antibiotics will only buy some time, and maybe make her more comfortable, since there is no real cure for EYP. A local vet could prescribe drugs such as Baytril, amoxicillin, and others. If you look online you can buy most of these drugs for fish--Fishmox, enrofloxacin (Baytril alternative,) and many others. Here is one link:
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    Hi. Its so scary when your precious little feathered friends get ill, especially when you don't have a vet that can help. One of my girls had peritonitis recently. Her symptoms included being withdrawn, sunken eyes, pale comb and wattles and most telling of all, egg dribbling out of her vent. She was given antibiotics and an anti inflammatory. Sadly she didn't respond and we had her put to sleep. Unless you can get antibiotics for her you won't be able to treat it if that is what it is. If you think she might be egg bound try letting her sit in a bowl of warm water. She might panick a bit as you first lower her in but then she will relax and enjoy it. This can help the muscles to relax and let the egg pass more easily. You could also give her some oil to drink using a syringe - any that you have in the kitchen will do plus some lactulos if you have any. Good luck. Keep us posted.

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