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Oct 14, 2008
I am thrilled to have found such a great forum!
I have a few ques.
We recently added chickens and a rooster to our little family farm here in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains in NC.
Here are my concerns/ques.
We had a raccoon break into our pen and drag a rooster THROUGH a cage and he was killed. THat was the kick off to our chicken rearing
We now have a VERY secure pen and coop. I lock the girls and rooster in at night now every night, complete with a lock and bricks securing the lift up-able roof to avoid it happening again. The thing I am not sure of though, is they are locked in from about 8 pm till 8 am. I have 4 children and usually cannot let them out till at least 7:30am. There are windows in the coop, but is this enough "light" for them to not be getting jipped of the amt. of sun light? I was told they were all born in April, but I have yet to see an egg. Should I supplement their light?

My other question...really gonna sound new at this....
I was sold 4 hens from one woman. Very nice, great farm etc. SHe seemed pretty knowledgable and has been raising many farm animals for many years. All of the sudden my "dominant" hen has started "trying" (not so eloquently I might add) to crow!!?? This is only since I have added a bantam rooster to the pack. THey do not fight or anything, but "she" does rule the pen...eats first, etc. Is SHE a HE?? How can I tell for sure? If she is a he, do I have to get rid of the one of the roosters? THey do not free range due to our very large animal pop. here (coyote, fox, etc) If "she" is "he" can they co-exist in harmony? Or will they start fighting over the hens at some point? They are all the same age approx. born sometime in April.

They are all named...the one named Karen is the hen/roo in ques. Can you also help me ID the breeds while you're looking? Actually now even Violet is looking roo-ish! Oh man!!

Thanks in advance!!

Our familys site:


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Sep 28, 2008
Karen is a sex-link MALE. Sorry hun...

Opie is a pullet...looks like an Easter Egger.

Classy is a pullet...looks like an Easter Egger as well.

Violet is a male as well...looks like a REALLY bad Barred Rock.

As for living in harmony....probably not. There will be fighting but the main thing is that your hens are going to be ragged looking from over breeding. One rooster can breed 10 hens effectively. So you have 3 roosters on 2 hens...LOL.


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Nov 9, 2007
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When I looked at your pics before I thought the same as mikarod. Kinda didn't wanna be the one to break the bad news

Sorry Jennifer.

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