Please help- advice on removing eggs for incubation

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    May 9, 2017
    I am living in Ireland and have two two year old pea hens. One had been setting for 2weeks and the other hadn't yet finished laying her clutch.
    This morning at 5am I heard my 'setting' peahen crying in distress. I ran to her nest to discover it was empty, all the eggs gone, and feathers scattered around her nest- The fox had taken her eggs.
    At 11am I went to check my 'laying' peahens nest to discover that she had began setting today. And I am really fearing for her safety because I know the fox will be back again tonight. Her nest is on a bank an it would be very difficult to cage her in this position.
    I have ordered an incubator which will arrive tomorrow.
    My question is, if I remove the eggs tonight(so that she will leave her nest and roost somewhere safe) how long will I have to put them in the incubator before the chicks die? She has been setting for 9 and a half hours at the most. If I leave her on them for the night the fox will get her and the eggs.
    Please help
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    They should be ok after a day of developing under the broody. They will go back into suspended animation mode. You could store them at room temp for two weeks. Follow the method of putting them into an egg carton and tilting them. You then turn them twice day.
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