PLEASE HELP!! Are these organs?


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May 20, 2011
This chick is very much alive, just exhausted after a 25 hr hatch from pip to exit of it's shell. I did not assist the hatch and there was no shrink wrapping going on. It has a yellow ball shaped thing sticking out of it's belly which is attatched to a bloody membrane(?). I am assuming this is a slightly unabsorbed yolk sac. Am I right? Please tell me it's not organs! It is bright yellow(I know the coloring is hard to see in the pic). What should I do with this chick? Should I just leave it? Put it in the brooder with it's sibling? Will it finish absorbing on it's own? I am so scared for it!


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NEvermind, he is dead! He stopped breathing and is completely limp now. He was alive 10 minutes ago!!! I just don't get it! Should I have helped him out? Did I leave him trying to hatch too long? Now I have to try and tell my daughter in the morning:( She is going to be crushed!
aww..I'm sorry! I couldnt have helped you though; I have NO knowledge about this stuff...

I guess nature ran its course..but it makes me sad!!
it sounds like unabsorbed yolk, yes. sometimes it just happens. i actually have a little guy right now that hatched with the same problem, but didn't bleed out nearly as badly as your chick did. i'd guess that's why yours passed. ours is still fighting but is definitely not out of the woods, he's 3 days old now.

sorry to hear about your baby, but, with that amount of bleeding, there was probably nothing you could have done. don't blame yourself.
After I knew he was dead for sure, I took him out of the bator. You can tell there is something very wrong with his organs. It is all dark and goey inside and there is a big lump that looks like it is filled with liquid (cyst?) just under his ribcage. There is no way he would have made it. Still, does anyone know if this may have been caused by over exertion, too much humidity or something I could have prevented so I know for next time?

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Here is a pic where you can see the clearish lump. There was also waht appeared to be tearing around the hole where the yolk sac (?) was coming out.

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poor baby. mother nature sometimes screws up in the development process, happens in humans too, at least she died quickly, so sorry. i'm sure there was nothing you could have done
I'm not so sure there was something wrong with the organs. They absorb the yolk at the end and the "insides" look gooey because the yolk is in there
. That is a decent amount of blood and if the blood wasnt' there I would just say it was a rough naval, some turn out fine, some don't. Also, as bad as it seems, it is survival of the fittest. I know it's hard but "helping" isn't always a good thing, it can perpetuate weak genetics. Sorry for your loss
. If you continue to incubate and hatch you will get used to losing them(as best you can), I lose a few each happens.
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