Please Help!!! Can't find my chickens!!

Jake's Chicks

10 Years
Oct 1, 2009
Our six chickens who are on the verge of laying their first eggs were gone from the coop today when I got home! All six vanished? Any idea on how, when, if to get them back in???
Was the coop door left open or do you think somone came in and took them? If they haven't been taken or fallen victim to a predator just leave the coop open and they should show up around dusk.
I have looked in all the usual places - under the deck for instance - but they are no where to be found??/
We usually don't let them out when no one is home. This morning they were all looking at me through the patio door before i left for work. I didn't have time to put them back in and thought they would be okay in our fenced yard. I could imagine one being missing -- but all six? Any ideas on treats that might coax them back in???
Oh my, there is just no telling what may have happened. You might want to play detective. Examine your yard completely. Do you see any stray feathers? Any blood? Look at your fences. Could they have hopped into a neighbor's yard? How secure is your yard?

On coaxing them back in, it depends on where they are. Can you shake a can of something, like some scratch in a can to make some noise?
How high is your fence? If one jumped it, the others could have followed. Do you have scratch? Do you do the heeerrrreee chick, chick call? If so, do it and see if they come running home. Look under your neighbors yards too. Good luck!!
No blood or feathers - thank goodness. I will try to make some noise. There are so many tree's and shrubs to look under, around, up-in, etc. The fence is only 3.5 feet so they could have flown over it. They usually stay so close to the coop. Thanks for all the great advice and please keep it coming!!
I have my chickens trained to come running at a certain sound. It makes managing them much easier if you don't have to chase them around.
They should come home at dusk. If they were scared by an attack of some variety then they may not come back until morning. I hope you find them. Good luck.

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