Please help, chick has possible Infection in toe and Spasams


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Feb 20, 2013
Hello, my one little dutch bantam chick I helped out of the shell at hatch isn't doing well. It took longer for it to be able to walk after hatch then the rest and got picked on. The first day out of hatcher into brooder its three siblings picked at its toe untill it bled and the nail turned black/bruised. Now its starting to swell and not just from inflammation or being pecked or from walking. It has been so good for about a week and now it has swolen.
I have also had to hand feed this chick. It has spasams almost. I can try to post a video if you don't understand. But like it walks and snuggles fine. But it will bob its head slightly up and down while it turns its head left and right. And this is slowly, not thrashing or gaping its mouth open. It is almost like a tick then it goes on fine then has another one shortly after. It has absolute horrible aim too. That's why I have to hand feed it. But it is learning and getting better! It is a week and 2 days old.

I'm more worried about the toe than the spasams. It looks bad and I need to do something. I have been working hard for this chick and I don't want it to die. I will post pics in a moment
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Give you chick some vitamins and electrolytes. Farm stores sell it in powder form in packets or jars. Mix it in her water--you can keep the mix in the refrigerator and put out what she needs for a day. Or give her some Polyvisol baby vitamins 1-2 drops a day in her mouth. Maybe a very warm wet washcloth held around her foot for 10 minutes 3-4 times a day with help her toe.
i have been giving her some every day! I knew that much to get it on vitamins and electrolytes! they seem to be helping. I will try to soak in warm water, maybe it will help! it just looks like the nail is broken at the top and where it is swollen I can see white under the skin, idk if that is from the swelling or from infection, and it looks like the end of the toe Is dying! im just uncertain what to do and im afraid that if it doesn't start getting better soon antibiotics or surgery may have to take place to save the toe and my little chick!
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