Please help! Chick needs help???

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  1. So my chicken had a baby 5 days early and yesterday I noticed she abandoned the eggs. I was about to throw them out when I heard a peep and it moved in my hand. I quickly put it back. The next day she wasnt sitting on them. The egg was cold, no peeps but I could feel a little movement. What do I do? I don't have an incubator so that won't work. I put a wet towel around it with a heat lamp. I'm keepin it at 99 degrees. Once I put it in the heat and it started moving wildly inside the egg and peeped. Now it's quiet. Will it be alright? Do I need to do anything else? How long do you think it'll hatch
    It's been under the heat lamp and my watch for 3 hours. I hear the occasional peep and move but no crack. It's been doing this for 2 days. I'm afraid it won't last much longer if its taking forever.

    Should I help it out ???
  2. Please help yall
  3. Someone please
  4. Please help
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    I'd say you are doing all you can. Maybe go buy a small foam cooler and put the heat lamp in there with the egg, and the lid on it. A couple of half inch holes in the lid for ventilation if the lid fits tight. Watch the temp, and be patient.

    Read where one poster used a heating pad.

    Be careful it doesn't get too hot, whatever you do.


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