Please help - chick very lethargic and declining quickly.


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Mar 16, 2015
I was out last night and came home today around 11.30, I looked into the brooder and the three chicks I have seemed fine. When I came home around 1.30pm one of the chicks (around 2 weeks old) had its foot caught (on the heat pad I use) and was struggling. I released it's foot and it sort of staggered around a bit then went back to heat pad, I figured the staggering was because it's foot had been caught and it possibly was numb.

Since then the chick has got worse and worse. At first I thought it may be dehydrated if its been stuck under the heat on a warm day so kept it cool and made sure it drank water with sugar in (I had to put drops on its beak and get it to swallow though, it wasn't voluntary). Its croup felt pretty hard and had no water in.

After a while it was getting cold and shaking so I've put it back onto the heat pad.

It is definitely getting worse and now cannot stand at all, it's eyes are nearly permanently closed and only open when i hold it and it wants to get down so flaps a bit. It occassionally 'paddles' with its legs.

It also just passed some droppings which were a mixture of water and normal droppings. However, mixed into this was the stuff that comes out on them when they hatch. A kind of creamy white mixture.

Does anyone have any advice at all? Even if just to make it more comfortable? I'd like to know for the future what this could possibly be and whether it could infect the other two - who seem fine.

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