PLEASE HELP chick with squishy crop and will not move or eat


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Mar 5, 2017
hi i have a one mouth old chick that i hatched my self and shes been doing really good UNTILL acouple of days ago i put her in the brooder away from the other chicks all she does is sit there and she will drink water but will not eat she has watery light brown poop and all she does is sleep in the brooder with all of the other chicks there is 11 chicks same age and one three mouth old rooster that someone is going to take i already have a rooster and can not have anymore i dont know if the rooster steped on her or what but she has a squishy crop please help i dont know whats wrong with her photos are on the way
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A squishy crop is a sign of sour crop. Usually a result of impacted crop. It’s when food gets stuck in the crop and then ferments, and has no way out. Try giving lots of water, sugar free yogurt, and massaging the crop downward. Then withhold food for a couple of hours, but give water. If it empties out, great! Keep an eye out because it could happen again. If it is not empty, continue with water and yogurt and massages.
thanks i will try that but it kinda feels like there is no crop does that mean she has not been eating
Hmmmm. A squishy empty crop just means she has not been eating. Give her some poultry nutridrench to help.
I’m sure other members will be along soon to help more.
ok thanks how do i give her water she will not brink at the moment and i dont know if she will eat yogurt she will not eat
i went to rub the crop and she threw up water she will be sitting in the brooder sleeping and then just get up and move and never open her eyes she just sits there and sleeps and a little biit ago she was sleeping standing up does this still sound like sour crop

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