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I am really hoping with all the knowledge out there someone can tell me what sex/breed our rather large chicken is!
We found 3 chickens at the side of he road and took them in. They are about 6 months old now and were about 4 weeks when we found them. Last week we introduced 3 ex battery hens. 1 of the original chickens (who we had doubts about) turned out to be a definate cockerel (large comb, crowing all the time, prancing about and mounting all the others), a local sanctuary took him in as we have neighbours and as much as I loved him he was so noisey and wouldn't leave the others alone. 1 of the originals is definatley a hen as she laid her first egg yesterday. The other Fatso is the problem. She/he is huge, and is making a really ugly deep crowing noise, usually just a couple of times in the morning, she/he is mounting the others, and pecking the back of the necks but is displaying no other cockerel tendencies. No dropping of the wings or prancing about like the other one. You can pick Fatso up and it's really friendly. I have photos but not sure how to upload them. We have no idea as to the breed but think it's mixed, the other hens are Goldlines and Exchequer Leghorn. I really need to know what he/she is as she is virtually assaulting all of them! Fatso has also pinned them to the floor with her foot which is a bit distressing for them. but now he/she is wandering around with them as if butter wouldn't melt. Is this normal hen behaviour or do we have another cockerel. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as Fatso is my favourite and I really don't want to see he/she go.
look for longish feathers around the neck, longer tail feathers, as well as longer back feathers that seem to drape down back near tail. Roosters will do everything you said. He is just exerting his will. Unless he is causing your girls to bleed, he really isn't hurting them. Its more distressing to you. When they are young, it takes a minute for them to learn technique. By the name, I am guessing he is much bigger than the rest?
I have heard that some hens will take a dominant roo role as well... But I think you've probably got a roo.

you will need to have 10 posts before you can upload and post a pic. So... Get chatting. Also

sounds like a roo
Thank you for replies. The feathers are upright at the tail, but not really drapping, the neck feathers seem a bit long, it also has tufts on its legs. The name is because it is huge and seems to spend most of it's time eating, it's the first in the food and the last one out! It was either Dyson or Fatso! 1 of my neighbours was eyeing it up for Xmas lunch if it was a boy, he reckoned it would feed his family of four and still have leftovers for a week! I think it might have been bred as a table bird as it is very round in shape. Sorry if this is sounding naive, I'm a newbie on chickens!
It sounds like a roo to me.

Pitty about the pics. Good you found this site Welcome to BYC get chatting as there are loads of threads and the learning zone is also good for new chicken owners.

Don't feel bad about re-homing I had to as I ended up with 4 Roo boys out of the 6 chicks I had. It does sound like your original chicks were dumped on the road because someone twigged they were Roos - so your lucky one is a hen! SOme folk are not very nice to Roo boys.

Good luck with the chickens

I can't believe how everyone is so helpful, thank you so much. Fatso is well, not the most beautiful of birds (another reason I love him/her) I was hoping when it was young it would mature from the ugly duckling to a beautiful chicken...alas no! It's mainly white, with a dirty brown neck, and black smatterings of feathers on the back. We think because 2 of the originals were exchequers there is some of that in there somewhere but it has the build of a sumo chicken! It dwarves the Goldlines and my husband has had to build bigger nesting boxes (he still lives in hope she's a girl!) I'm not so sure now after reading the replies! Our exchequer Wanda has just laid her 2nd egg! (loads of squawking and running up and down the garden afterwards (and that's just my husband!!)
So, you have a very large, round, docile white bird, with feathered feet, mostly white with some black...does it look similar to this? This is a pic from MPC website. It is a light brahma rooster here is a pullet for comparison

For a definitive answer, I would open up a photobucket account, upload the pictures, and post them here.
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It's similar Kari_Dawn but more rounded. The neck feathers are a dirty brown colour and the legs are not so tufty. It has exchequer markings on it's back and short stubby legs (bit like it's owner!) He/she has been really good today, only crowed twice, left the ladies alone, and was first to bed! Fatso does seem to bark though, might sound strange but he/she does this funny sort of barking noise when he's at the back door! I'd hate to part with him as he's such a character, first in the food, doesn't mind being picked up, and is so laid back at times he's virtually dormant! They had such a poor start I feel like I'm letting them down if I have to part with him. I rang the sanctuary the next day just to check on the cockerel!

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