Please help! Could anyone give our little Rounder a forever home?

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May 17, 2011
Texas Hill Country
Some of you may have read about Rounder, the little blind Pekin that I rescued as a baby about three months ago. She is all grown up now, a healthy and beautiful girl, and her two little friends are ready to join the other creek ducks. I really need to rehome Rounder, though. Our little back yard is not adequate for her, and she is more care than my husband and I are willing to do at this time in our lives. If anyone is willing to take her, we would be willing to meet you somewhere if it isn't too far or in a large city since we don't do much city driving anymore.
If I was going to be in the Hill Country anytime here real quick I'd help ya out, but needless to say, other than a trip to Temple this weekend, I'll be staying on my side of 35 for a while... What part for the HC? I've got family in Bandera and friends in Wimberly that might be receptive to helping you out
i have sent you info to a friend in houston, maybe she can help- will let you know when i hear from her...

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