Please Help!... duck bowel blockage


Dec 30, 2020
I have an Indian runner with a bowel blockage - can anyone help with a home treatment?. It’s been blocked for about 7 days. The emergency vet didn’t palpate her and gave her antibiotics which for 5 days has done nothing. We just came from a second vet who felt her abdomen and could feel a lump in her abdomen which she thought could be a bowel compaction but suggested taking her to the bird vet which does not open until 4th and consultation and X-ray to confirm the diagnosis are likely to cost us about $450 and then treatment costs on top of that which has become unaffordable since we have already consulted 2 vets. Has anyone successfully treated a bowel blockage here?

currently she is taking pain killers and antibiotics to continue. We also are giving her vitamins in her water. She will eat peas but nothing else.

Isaac 0

5 Years
Jul 19, 2016
Some more information about your duck would be helpful. Is she producing poops, if yes, could you post pictures? Is she drinking much? What does her main diet consist of? Do you have a picture of the duck?

If you believe she has an impaction somewhere in her GI tract, that would warrant the administration of a stool softener such as Dulcolax, or an oil-type product to help loosen up any compacted material. Olive oil, mineral oil, or coconut oil would work, but would best be put in her feed, as administering oils orally can often harmful to the bird. If the bird is not eating consider cooling the coconut oil, and pushing some in her mouth, or using the Dulcolax orally. That process may or may not work; sometimes a surgical resolution is the only option.

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