Please Help Eyeball is the size of a large Marble

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    I have a chicken I have been working with for sour crop and what I thought was an eye injury. Fixed the crop but the eye has me stumped. It has pushed the colored part of the eye all the way back into the socket (I think the eye itself is useless) but I still need to do something about the problem she acts like it is very sore. If I get the pics I took loaded on here you can see the bottom eyelid is stretched over the eye. I did try lancing it to relieve the pressure and I got a ton of clear liquid and a little blood and I put some neosporin in the eye but it filled back up. I think I did more harm than good, before l lanced it she would let me look at it and it did not appear to hurt but now she won't let me touch it. Any ideas I really cannot afford a DR. bill but if I have no choice I will try and lance it again but I wanted some input first. Thanks Terri

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