please help fast!!


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010
one of my partridge rock hens is all ruffled up with her eyes squinted. she is making a noise that sounds like a 'hick-up'. i noticed her making that noise last week but she looked and acted fine and was eating and roaming the yard as usual. i didnt think much of it. today shes all ruffled with her tail down and not looking good at all. i put duramycin-10 in thier water, a TBSP in a gallon of water. i dont know if thats enough but i need to look and breakdown the dosage for them. what could be wrong with her, and what can i do to help her? i had some chickens last year present the same symptoms and then shortly after die, so i need to act fast! thanks!
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So sorry to hear this - I have never experienced this with mine - I hope somebody can respond to help you further!

Haven't any idea where you are but if in cold region, get her warm and comfortable right away, preferably with a good feather buddy to keep her company. Somewhere quiet with creature comforts close at hand (wing). If still business hours and you can have her see avian vet (given that you said others with same symptom died) then do that. You can also try reaching Peter Brown (google First State Vet Supply) - he does phone consultations and is a wealth of knowledge.


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