Please help. Feather cyst possible in white pekin.


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Aug 14, 2016
Hello, I have 4 white pekin and 1 khaki campbell.
One of my pekin I noticed a "hole" on the side of her neck about 2 weeks ago. When I checked it out I saw a what I would describe as a white hard (looked to me like a bone spur) fragment. I have been giving her terramyacin ointment topically as well as oral antibiotic. I shaved the area around the site so air could get to it. It is still not getting any better. There is a large cyst like lump and then a scab, which today I noticed was being pushed put more. I pulled on it and about an inch long hard thing came out. I pulled that apart and indeed it was feathers. No puss drainage. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! Unfortunately there are NO avian vets anywhere near me and every vetime I call does not no enough about ducks to see her. She is eating as normal, drinking and swimming. I'm new to this forum as well. Thanks in advanved!

Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
Hi and welcome to BYC - Redsoxs have given you some great links - the duck peeps are a great bunch and I'm sure that someone there will be able to help you out.

Best wishes and good luck

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