Please help fellow backyardians!


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5 Years
Aug 31, 2014
I guys so I have had my ducks incubating for 26/27days now and I just noticed a pip....On the wrong end. Not where the air sac is! So I read the step by step guide to assisted hatching. I got it out and used tweasers to create a better hole. The membrane was brown. I pretty confident i read that's bad. So I wet it with warm water, put some wet tissues under it and put it back in the bator. It was chirping and moving it's beak but now just kind of panting? /looks like it's eating the membrane? I don't know guys. This is my first time hatching and this guy is my first to hatch from 9. I know to leave her in there ohh she just started chirping again. How long do I leave her for before I would need to intervene and help? I don't want her to die but I don't want her to die because I did the wrong thing please help xxccc

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