Please Help! Hen Making Noise At 4am


8 Years
Dec 30, 2011
I woke up early this morning to one of my chickens making a bock,bock,bock etc, followed by a very loud bock. She kept this up for a solid halph hour. I am worried my neighbors are going to complain if she keeps this up. I live in the city limits. Any ideas why she was doing this? I checked and didn't see any digging from racoons etc. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
I once watched a hen make a noise very similar to the egg song, but a little louder, when a fox was stalking her from maybe 30' away. I wonder if your hen saw something passing through.
I don't have any good advice for you but I have 24 hens and they sometimes do it. Not all at once but in an order that I don't understand. LOL! I also go to them and make sure they have food and water. I'm afraid my neighbors are going to get angry with me. For now I'm keeping them on the third floor of the barn so I know they aren't doing it because of danger, nothing can get to them but I wonder if someone is out walking at that time of day (We live right in town) and the hens hear them and it starts them going.

Melissa From Maine
thanks for replying. I did notice a couple eggs this morning, maybe she was just protecting the eggs from something. I do have a heat lamp on all night, if I turn it off at night will that help keep them quiet?
If you use a heatlamp at night I suggest you use the red bulb. It will keep it darker. I have tried using the white and my rooster crowed all hours of the night.
They don't need the heat lamp at all if they are in a coop. I have heard it isn't good for them to have a light on 24/7.

As for the noise I would guess at egg laying or she is seeing some threat that you don't see, possibly an owl or possum or a snake depending on where you are.
Usually they don't lay eggs at night, they hold them until the morning. If she's just starting, though, maybe she laid one then. Sometimes people find one under the roost, when they have new layers. Yours may have made it to the nest. They do have a bit to say, after laying an egg. Hopefully she'll be quiet after this.
First off check with the neighbors, they might not even notice. Or like my neighbors they love the little bit of noise my hens make. (They even want me to get a roo. Lol)

Mine sometimes make noise early too. Switching to a red light is a good suggestion.

My rooster crows at 4 or 5am even before I turn on the light. Your neighbors probably won't notice the egg song.Mine have not heard the roo,or they are being tolerant. I turn the light on whenever I get up.Red light sounds good. I was going to leave my light on all night,but figured it would just make Jack crow all night. I have a light for egg stimulation not heat.

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