Please help hen with Bumblefoot

Jan 3, 2020
I have a hen who a few days ago I noticed was not putting weight on her foot. I took her in examined her and saw a small bumblefoot on her foot. I took off the scab part but found no infection inside and there wasn't any swelling. three days later I go to let all the chickens out and she is in the corner of the roost not moving. She's been brung inside I took off her bandage. the brown part of her bumblefoot is gone but there is yellow hard skin underneath is that the infection? what should I do shes not moving at all because she doesn't want to put pressure on it. I’ve dealt with bumble foot before but none of the other hens have ever acted like this


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How long was the bandage on? How often was it changed?

My first instinct would be that you needed to dig deeper to get to the actual infection, that the foot had kinda healed around it already locking it inside. BUT I have never personally dealt with bumblefoot, just read other threads here, so definitely dont start exploratory surgery just from my reply.
You might consider trying PRID. That will help her body move anything that doesn't belong up to the surface without doing any cutting. People use PRID on themselves for drawing out boils, ingrown hairs and other ... delightful things. If you have a strong stomach look up the reviews for PRID on Amazon to get an idea of what it does. Walmart carries it for around $5.

Two youtube videos on how to use it:

Easy non-surgical removal of bumblefoot on chicken - YouTube
Trying a New Treatment for Bumblefoot | Rocking C Homestead - YouTube

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