Please HELP! How will 1 week old chicks fare without their mama hen?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by krystina885, Sep 10, 2014.

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    Hello- So ive been wanting chickens foreverr....asked about chickens and i swear the next day my step father brought me home a white hen from his job that was sitting on 13 eggs in the alley next to the building. THE VERY NEXT DAY! GOD Sent i tell ya.... HOWEVER.... we have had the HEN and her 12 babies all of 1 week and she is getting vicious.... when we try to take her out in the morning and evening she tries to attack us... OBVIOUSLY shes trying to protect her babies...but i have three small girls of my own and dont want them getting attacked. Could i get rid of the mama hen....either by herself or with a few chicks...and sucessfully raise the rest of her chicks with a brooder? Will the chicks suffer from not seeing her? or will they fair well? Please advise....and thank you in advance :)

  2. Yes, if you use a box with a heat lamp indoors, and special chick feed, they;ll do fine. Momma hen may be broody again, that may be why she is acting up.
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    Chicks are unique in that they can learn how to eat and drink very soon from hatching. The mom in a broody state will be aggressive because that's what happens to them it's like a hormonal state. The mom will get over it quite quickly so removing the chicks won't really harm the hen. The chicks should be fine provided there are more than one. But do not give the chicks back after you take them and make sure you have a brooder set up to raise them for awhile. If you want the hen to not be broody take her out into the light after you decided what to do. She won't always act like this it's pretty periodic.
  4. Mama just wants to keep her babies safe from harm. When you say you try and take her out what do you mean by that? She wants and needs to be with her babies. I would not disturb her and she wont hurt anyone. Just let her take care of them.
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    I agree with this. Momma hens do an excellent job protecting their chicks from potential harm. All she is doing is just that. Chicks can be hurt by being handled by kids.
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    You need to work out a way to keep her that doesn't involve handling her. I'm not sure what you mean by take her out? Maybe describing your set-up would shed some light on things. My thought is to leave her alone and let her raise her babies, just don't mess with her.
  7. I hvae had to take chicks away from moms and mine did fine with heat lamp, chick feed, water, and bedding . make shure to give them fresh feed and water every day. Some chicks are messy , but they are all diffrent . Good luck . :)

  8. I have had vary mean hens. They just are protecting their eggs/chicks.

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