Please help! I accidentally put neosporin w/ pain reliever!...


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Mar 31, 2013
I washed it off within five minutes. I used dawn soap and then coated with mineral oil. What should I do? She is constantly chirping!
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Whats wrong with your chick? Neosporin and some generics of it use a pain reliever that does not end in "caine" so, it is safe for chickens. Here is info from
Give Painkiller

  • CAUTION: Do NOT give Ibuprofin (Advil, etc.) or Acetaminophen (Tylenol, etc.) to birds! Those are harmful to them.
  • Buffered aspirin (such as Bayer, etc.) can be used for a chicken to help reduce:
    • Stress, listlessness, discomfort, pain
    • Fever
    • Swelling / inflammation.
      Aspirin thins blood and keeps it from clotting as quickly as normal.
      • You should wait until internal and external injuries have begun to heal before using aspirin.
      • Birds bruise more easily when on aspirin.
    • Note: A standard baby Aspirin is 80 mg, and a standard adult Aspirin pill is 325 mg.
    • Dose for chickens: Approx. 25 mg per pound of chicken's body weight each day.
      • Examples: For a 6-lb. Large Fowl Leghorn rooster, 2 times per day give 1/2 of a regular aspirin ( = ~300 mg total per day).
        For a Bantam 1.6-lb. Bantam Leghorn rooster, 2 times per day give 1/2 of a baby aspirin (= ~75 mg total per day).
    • To administer:
      • To give immediately or in individual administrations: Crush up and split dose up into 2 or 3 administrations per day. Sprinkle the powder on a small tasty treat such as fruit or yogurt and give to the chicken.
      • To have the chicken self-administer throughout the day: Crush up the total daily dose and dissolve in the approximate amount of water that the chicken drinks each day. Pour into chicken's drinking container.
  • Never give a chicken any kind of painkiller with 'caine' in the name. These are EXTREMELY toxic to chickens.
    • Do NOT use a Triple Antibiotic Ointment with Painkiller because almost all include '-caine' ingredients.
      • Exception: Neosporin with Painkiller products usually only use Pramoxine HCl as the painkiller ingredient, and that is alright for chickens.
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