Please Help! I don't know if my hen is dead or alive!


7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
My darling polish hen is unresponsive. I found her this morning lying in a corner with her face smushed on the floor. I had to leave in 5 minutes, so I just dipped her beak in water, put some food by her and left! (i feel guilty about this)

I just got home, and she was in the same spot I left her, but now I think she might be dead!

She is just laying there, and when I lift her up her neck flops around. I thought for sure she was dead, but then all of a sudden her neck jerked and her eye opened a little bit!
I brought her inside and she is unresponsive again!
I don't know!
Are there any symptoms to tell if a chicken is alive or not??
And I don't even know what's wrong with her, or how she died! (if she is dead)

Please help!
She is dying. She is dead when she stiffens up. I am sorry.
Sometimes chickens just die. I am really sorry for your situation. We can't be sure without seeing her, but I've never had a chicken in that state who made it. So sorry.
She died a few hours ago. Just stiffened up, like you guys said.

I'll miss you so much Delilah! You were the prettiest in my flock.

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