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I know this isn't chicken related....I just need somebody...anybody...
My dog is very ill....
We can't afford any of the treatments...and when it comes to your animals....they won't accept payments...they need it all now.
Since she was a puppy she has had a weak immune system...this has caused her to have skin problems her entire life. She hasn't been losing hair since we switched her to holistic dog food that's good. She's just kinda greasy and stinky. She gets regular oatmeal baths...eats fish oil tablets.
She became sick on Sunday morning. She wouldn't eat breakfast, she wouldn't eat dinner. She was very lethargic.
Later in the night she got very drooly. This morning, she couldn't control her hind quarters well, she kept slipping.
We took her to the vet, found out her red blood cell levels are at 6% and they should be between 20-40%.
Her white cells are attacking what red cells are left...
We thought first it may have been a plant in our yard, but all the other dogs eat it and they always eat the grass and have all been fine. We swept the yard anyway...found some things, but the vet said that wasn't the issue. They said it's her poor immune system and that she's at that age where these things start becoming more apparent.
She's about 8 or 9....we got her as "pup" She wasn't fully grown yet, but she wasn't tiny. The first year of her life, she had 8 homes....when she came to us, if we said anything loudly like "Hey, dinner is done!" from across the house, she would drop to the floor and pee. Now she is alpha and bullet proof. She keeps these dumb boys in line.
Anyway...she's anemic and she refuses to eat or drink. She hasn't been able to stand up for more than 5 seconds for the last 5 hours. She falls over instantly. It's horrible.

We couldn't afford a blood transfusion or anything more extensive than an xray. The vet here doesn't have an ultrasound machine, so couldn't do that...
They gave us some Prendisone. She has to take 3 1/2 pills every twelve hours.
I got home with her, started looking online for holistic treatments.
I went to the store, bought some yogurt, liver, spinach, brewers yeast, echinacea, acidophilus and made a food mixture with rice and eggs. She wouldn't eat it...just like the dog I pureed it and fed her via syringe. She has drank some water here and there....I try to make sure she gets plenty......I feel bad forcing food, pills and water down her throat, but it has to be done.
I'm just wondering...even though this isn't chicken related...if anyone has any ideas on things that could help.
I've had her since I was 13, I'm 20 now....I'd like to help her as she's helped me....
She's been there for all the boyfriends...all the drama...she's a great dog.
If anyone has any input, it would be greatly appreciated.
Here she is with Weezer, she's on the right.

Weezer, Dante and Syrih.
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I'm so sorry you are having a hard time with her health. It sounds like you are doing everything you can and then some. I was going to suggest the yogurt and whatever her favorite treats are, but you got that part covered. Hope you find the answers you need!
Thanks for responding and not being angry with me for posting this here.
I appreciate that.
I looked up everything I could. My mind started to go numb. I had so many holistic tabs open, it was insane.
Tab after tab, after tab, after tab, after tab.....and so on...

I found something for anemic dogs who aren't eating. Said to mix egg yolks with milk and yogurt. It was also supposed to be good for dogs who are nursing puppies.

The liver and all that other stuff was part of a recipe I found for low red blood cell counts in dogs.
I put some carrots in there too...tried to load it up with iron.
I just feel so mean forcing her to do things when she is so uncomfortable. Feel like I'm stressing her out....
I hope she improves...I hope I hope I hope.
yogurt and eggs. Nettles(you can get capsules at the health food store) help with blood. Also milk thistle and dandelion root.
I would also get some colostrum to try her on.
Maybe, as bad as this sounds..... forcing a little in her mouth.. so she gets the taste and maybe will eat

Good luck fingers crossed...

I have been feeding her a puree through a syringe. I give her water after her pills with the syringe so they don't get caught too.
I made the egg/milk/yogurt. Did that in the syringe first.
Then I made the puree of spinach/liver/brewers yeast/brown rice/turkey broth/acidophilus/echinacea/fish oil and fed her that.
She just doesn't have a great desire to eat....
You could try plain boiled chicken and rice....most dogs will eat at least a little. Or, go get her a roasted chicken from the deli at Wal-Mart. We had a dog sick with parvo that would not eat ANYTHING, but literally inhaled some of that chicken.
I would give her whatever you can give her to get her to eat. If that means cooking up some hamburger or some kind of meat then do it. I know that as humans they say it is good to eat red meat if your blood counts are out of kilter. Get some red meat down her and see if that helps. A big juicy steak is cheaper than a vet!! I sure hope you get her feeling better. She is a beautiful dog. I have one just like her. Amazing how they stay loyal no matter what we go through or drag them through!!
Did she dring antifreeze... that might cause all the symptoms you have listed. Good nursing care may be all that you can do.... If it is Glycol poisoning there really isn't much you can do at the late stage of the game.

Another possibility to talk to your vet about is Cocci... It can affect dogs.. If she had it... it would drop her blood cell count and make her not want to eat etc... That is very treatable. You could start her on Sulfa drugs. It is a stretch but I am assuming this is time for any try its... Call the vet and find out if they can do a culture...
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