Please help is this bumblefoot


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May 4, 2015


Hello everyone I'm new to chickens and I'm only 19 I was wondering if someone can help me or give me advice ... My hen flew off our balcony twice and I read online that they can get bumblefoot if they jump off high places . She doesn't seem to have any other injuries and she's walking fine but she has these funny looking markings under her feet . I don't know if its just raw or if its the start of bumblefoot.Can someone please help me . Is this the start of bumble foot?
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That does look a bit irritated to me, but I am not sure. I would make sure her roosts are not too high in the coop.

Honestly the heavy brown egglayer roosts should not be very high at all, even though they love to perch up high. It can be difficult to change these things inside a coop, and they do fuss to get back up high because they like to be up in the air.

If your roosts are too high, you can give them a lower platform to land on before they hit the floor.
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Thanks for the help ! I'm just so worry that its going to turn into bumble foot really don't want her to be in any pain.

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