Please help! Is this canker?

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    A few weeks ago I posted a thread about my one of my hens who had foam in her mouth. Is disappeared the next day but just this morning I looked inside her mouth and saw this yellow gross stuff growing in her mouth! In was going down her throat and on the sides of her mouth. She's 7 years old and I don't expect her to live much longer but I don't want her to be in pain or be uncomfortable. We gave her water with ACV because she was really thirsty. She's talking fine but she's acting a bit slower than she used to.

    I read that this might be canker? What can I do?
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    Sounds like it could be canker. Try to find some pictures on-line and see if that looks like what you have.
    Here is one post with info :
    I've never had to treat for it so can only refer you to info. Recommended treatments at various sites are copper sulfate, metronidazole, and flagyral.
    A couple more links:
    I don't know what is easiest available where you are. You can get metronidazole on line as a fish medication (fish zole).
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    Okay thanks so much. I'm going to try to get the things I need today.

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