PLEASE HELP! Is This Normal?? Concerned Darker Spot On Egg Shell


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Aug 28, 2010
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Yesterday I noticed this darker spot on the shell, today it's gotten a bit bigger. If you notice real close, you'll see the egg has 2 faint different shades. The wider part where the air sac is, and the ever so slightly darker shade on the botton, and on that darker shade, is the DARK spot. Is this the shell thinning out for baby to hatch out of? It can't be the pipping break, because isn't that where the duckling is and they're suppose to break through at the air sac?? I'm scared! Or is this normal thinning before hatching??
Please reassure me that this is normal thinning!
Is this an egg in lockdown? I was just trying to get an idea of how long into the incubation it is.

They dont always pip into the airsac- sometimes they are upside down or turned into the wrong end of the egg. They can still make it out of the egg from different positions- but the hatching process is alot harder for them and they dont always make it. It does look like the duckling in that egg has tried to pip in the wrong place. It kind of looks like eggs I have had that didnt hatch. If it is due to hatch and there is no pip in the shell in the next 24 hours the duckling is unlikely to make it out alive. Sorry to give bad news...but my fingers are still crossed for the little one.
Is is in full time lock down as of last night, I started incubation September 12th, this is day 26 now, it was rocking late Tuesday night, and there wasn't any dark spot, last night when I checked on it, I could see it move when the light hit the egg right, and I put it up to my ear and I could hear what sounded like scratching noises, that is when I put it in Lock down for sure. Is there anything I can do to assist so it will make it?? I'm scared! I don't want to be broken hearted and I know my boys are flying high this morning with anticipation. There is a white spot that really doesn't look like a scratch just below it in the air sac area that I'm keeping my eye on for any development of external pipping. Now when external pipping takes place, is that when it HAS to hatch in 24-48hrs or when? Ok, you might want to say I"m slightly beginning to panic.
It's normal for the eggs to develop dark spots during the hatch period. No worries. I don't remember the technical explanation of why it happens, but it's nothing to worry about.

The best thing you can do for the egg is to relax and don't panic. If it has pipped, it will probably hatch in 24-48 hours, but can go a little longer. Just keep posting your questions and don't do anything to the egg without consulting here first--KEEP THE INCUBATOR CLOSED.

Good luck.
hi. we have arrived at the Oktoberfest. Today will be setup, and it was a long drive yesterday.

The blue blotches are normal. The duckling is moving and turning inside of the eggs. The tiny toenails are scratching the membrane and are causing tiny bleeds. That is what you see. It should pip exteranlly today. It still needs up to 2 days to make it out, but I think it will be tomorrow. They usually very close when you see the blotches. It may already have an external pip and you may have not seen it. Some pips are so tiny that you only feel it when sliding your fingers over it. Hatching is extremely hard, nothing compared to incubation and their is a high change of them no making it. I haven't seen anh statistics, but I think up to 20% don't make the chatch. Be prepared to make a pip hole, if you don't see one tonight. For that you must take a tull tool for the shell, and I use a toothpick for the membrane.
Ok, you have to really, really look in this picture, but if you look at the dark spot and to the right end of it, then straight down in the air sack area where the shading changes, you'll see a very, faint white spot. I don't know if it means anything, if external pipping will take place there, or it's nothing. But I haven't seen the egg rock yet, but I did bump it and it rolled onto the side that it's showing now. I hope that didn't cause problems, I can get a bit clumbsy when I move fast or feel rushed.
I little adult ADHD here
But I did get a close up picture of it, so here it is. You really, really have to look to see it in the picture, let me know if you do see it. It almost blends in....... but wait, I just looked and I THINK, and OMG I have to really aim in on it, but I believe I might be seeing what could be a very faint start of pip, it is right where the tooth that I saw last night and the previous nights might be. That will be my main focal point. I wish I knew how to use power point so I could circle what I'm looking at and putting an arrow.
Hate typing of the laptop. I've menat dull tool to give it a small chip without hurting the baby. I does not matter now since you have already seen the external pip. It's tiny and can be missed. I never look for lighter spots in the egg, because extra calcium deposit can fool you.
I'm not sure if I have or not, but it's definitely something of interest to keep my eye on. But it does look like a tiny well maybe a bit bigger pin hole shape, and it's not white, it's in the air sac and blends in with the color of the egg. Now to wait and see if it gets bigger as the day goes on and raises. If it's going to hatch, I hope and pray it does before I leave tomorrow.
Right now I"m just very, very happy that I finally got the temp/humidity right where it has to be for the full blown lock down. I know I'm obsessed, I'm waiting for that title to change in my profile, LOL! I just want this so badly. Anyone feel that way when it happened for you the 1st time??

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