Please Help - it might be Merecks - or maybe not?

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  1. cindylo

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    Jun 2, 2011
    Idaho Falls, ID
    Hello chickendocs,
    My 3 1/2 month old RIR pullet is ill, but appears to kind of be on the mend. Three days ago I found her in the coop on her side unable to move. I brought her out into the yard and cleaned her pooey tailfeathers, then fed her water with a dropper. I brought her inside and kept feeding her water, then a little starter-grower feed. I put a few pieces of chick grit down her hatch for good measure. By yesterday evening she was eating and drinking pretty well, holding her head up and sitting - not standing. Today she can flap her wings and hop a little bit. She's eating feed, scratch, and a little bit of whole wheat bread, and sipping water well on her own. As a test my husband left the kennel door open and she hopped out on her own. As a precaution we super cleaned the coop, run, feeder, waterer. The others (3 RIRs same age) don't show any symptoms. Poo diary - at first watery white and clear - next day green and profuse- now soft, but looking more like regular chicken poo. What should I think? What should I do?

    1. Do you think my girl can regain her health?
    2. Do you think the others will catch this?
    3. Do you think it is Merecks - or something else?
    4. At what point should I give up and put her down if she doesn't begin to walk?
  2. Jaxmom

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    Jun 2, 2011
    Mt Hood, Oregon
    Wow! Your post sounds exactly like the one I just posted. My chicken did the exact same thing
    but antibiotics are pulling her out of it. I have the same question, is this Marek's and shes doomed anyway or is she on the road to recovery? It sounds like Mareks but would she be getting better? I'll be watching any responses you get you may want to watch mine? I posted at the same time you did. Good luck I hope we get the answers we are looking for! Kory (jaxmom)

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