Please help me - are these two Easter Eggers pullets or roos?


May 25, 2020
We picked up these two (pullets?) from a local farm. They are both 2.5 months old and were sold to us as pullets. The coloring makes me think pullets but they are both very wild compared to our other pullets (of different breeds) and they look like they may have hackle feathers? Any idea if these are in fact pullets or roos? Thanks so much in advance! We're new to this and live inside city limits so roosters are a no-go for us unfortunately.


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Interesting, thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

Hopefully you both are right sealer39 and chickenE ;)! We're really hoping for all pullets.

Chickenlittle21, what makes you think that the second one is not an EE and that it's a male? We were just going off what the seller said but I'm sure they could be wrong - I would love to hear more about what you're seeing that makes you think that. :)

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