Please Help Me Fiber Spinning Goddesses!

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    I JUST finished my first 100% angora skein of handspun. It is 120 yards and a beautiful oatmeal color from my 4 favorite rabbits.
    My master plan is to ply this single into a double and then to make it into fabulous fingerless gloves/armwarmers.
    I have more being spun already as I know this won't be enough...
    Anyhoo, I have never plied before. I am using a drop spindle. Here is my question:

    Do I set the twist twice when plying? As in, do I set the twist in this single now, then seperate it into two center pull balls, then ply it, THEN set the twist again?

    Or does one only set the twist once with plied yarn?


    Thank you oh wonderful spinning Goddeses! [​IMG]
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    Nov 8, 2009
    I spin my angora on the wheel and then navajo 3-ply on the drop spindle, twisting the three the opposite of what it was spun, then after skeining on niddy-noddy and tyeing it in four places, I remove skein and wash in hot water with shampoo, and rinse well, then hang on hangers next to stove to dry. This sets the twist, for me anyway. Hope this helps!
  3. I will certainly try this and see what happens! Back to spinning!

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