Please help me figure out what I got.


10 Years
Apr 26, 2011
Hi. I have a bunch of mystery chicks. I think I have most of them figured out, but I was hoping to get some help from you guys.
My first set are almost certainly the same breed. I have 3 girls Irene, Nellie, and Dorothy. They were beautiful chipmunk chicks, so I thought they would be EE's, but they are about 4-6 weeks old, and still no green legs. They are feathering out like my dark cornish, but they are bigger, and the legs are lighter, and they looked nothing like her as chicks.


Baby pics

Here one of my hateful crazy chicks. There is another one with a much whiter head, but she is too insane to have her picture taken without tranquilizers.

So, what do ya think? Any help is appreciated.
The third pic is actually the baby pic of the first 2 pictures. That is the same bird about 4 weeks ago. Nope, not a leghorn. I really want you guys to tell me that my sweetest chickens are egg layers, but it looks to me like they are more dark cornish. PLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE be something else. I am tired of getting meat birds out of the pullet bin!!
. I can't be sure, but they look kind of like black stars (black sex links) If thats the case, they are egg laying machines! But, I'm not 100% sure. They look very similar to mine, but the color pattern is a little different
I hope someone else will chime in.
I can't tell by the photos, but are they rose combs? Are they hatchery? If so, they may be wyandottes(Gold laced- maybe roos and a splash). Their legs should be yellow for that breed.
They are hatchery. Ideal, I believe. I don't think they have rose combs. Just a very wide, single comb. I am not sure what a rose comb looks like at this age. I will try my best to take a pic of the other insane chick. Wish me luck. We usually have to catch it by one leg as it runs away panicked.
Well, if they look like they could potentially be Dark Cornish, but I don't see why you'd be worried if you wanted egg layers. Dark Cornish make awesome layers, my husband had a bunch of them when he lived in Texas. His mom still keeps them, he gave all his to her when he moved up here. Dark Cornish are not just meat birds.
Btw, my experience with red sex links is that they are skittish chicks, but super sweet girls when they grow up. Very friendly and talkative. I don't have any experience w/ a rsl roo, though.

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