Please help me identify these two breeds!


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Aug 12, 2011
Hermosa, South Dakota
This year, I ordered about 75 chicks from various hatcheries and in the mix of having the chicks in various brooders, there are a couple of chicks I can't identify what they are. They are now feathered out and in the big coop.

The pullet in the pictures has blue legs (the picture doesn't show the brightness of the blue legs). I don't think she is an Americauna because the few Americauna's I ordered all have tufts and typical Americauna bodies. The pullet pictured is tall and slender with a larger tail.

The cockerel pictured, I thought was supposed to be a Penedesenca, but doesn't fit the colors of this breed I have seen online. He is very distinguished looking and has a nice black and white coloring with yellow legs

If anyone has any idea of what these two chickens are, I would sure appreciate your comments.

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May 6, 2011
The first one is an Easter Egger. The reason it doesn't look like the others is that, probably, you have all Easter Eggers and, since they're mixed breeds, they have general characteristics common for them, but can really look like pretty much anything.

don't know what the rooster is.
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