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Jul 15, 2021
About 3 weeks ago one of my chickens just didn't seem to feel well. She just wanted to lay around and wasn't really eating. I separated her and brought her to the porch in a separate pen. I started giving her pedialyte. I noticed when I picked her up that she has either mites or lice. We immediately went out and bought dc earth and placed it in a shallow tub and gave her a dust bath. Leaving the tub in the chicken run. after a few days she started feeling better and we returned her to the coop. Fast forward another week and I noticed several of my chickens was getting sick. They are coughing, sneezing and crusted eyes and nostrils. I was searching all over the internet what it could be for 2 days. All of a sudden I realized all this started when I had cleaned out my coop. I didn't know that you could not use cedar bedding for chickens. My husband and I immediately went out and took all the cedar out. My chickens was still gasping for air and crusty eyes. We thought gapeworm. We gave all the chickens a dust bath, cleaned their faces with warm water, used vet rx on comb and nostrils and added safe guard wormer to their water. We also added another water bucket with pedialyte. After that we pressure washed the coop down and lade all new straw bedding, we turned over the coop sand and put barn yard lime down. Someone suggested la 200. I was really scared to do that but I did give my sickest 5 the injection. All died a few days later.. My chickens have still been sick and im losing more. I have added flock fixer now to water and no more wormer or pedialyte. I was told to start them on a antibiotic so I ordered Levamisole hydrochloride anthelmintic from ts and it should come tomorrow. What else can I do to save my chickens?
Levamisole hydrochloride anthelmintic from ts
This is an anthelmintic; a de-wormer. Not an antibiotic.
When you put the Safeguard in the water, it doesn't stay in solution. It is not soluble but they may have received a very low dose of fenbendazole. I would hold off on the de-worming until you get the respiratory issue cleared up.
Can you post pictures of your entire setup? How many birds do you have? How old are they? Can you post some pictures of them please?
Is it hot where you are?
The DE isn't going to treat mites or lice. They should be treated with either permethrin or spinosad.
You need to maximize the ventilation in your coop and run.
Is their run dry and clean?
Removing the cedar chips was a good start.
How fresh is the straw? It can sometimes be moldy and that is another respiratory irritant.
I would put out fresh cool water daily. Nothing in it. Just clean water.
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My flock is 45 ish I keep losing them. Yes recently got 10 new ones that I had separated until my granddaughters let out together not knowing. I have called every place within 4 hours and vant find tylan. The tractor supply I did find that had a antibiotic but wasnt tylan it's for respiratory disease can I use that.
You may want to get a necropsy performed by your state vet if you lose another, to find out if they have a contagious chronic respiratory disease. Those are more common than the rare gapeworm. SafeGuard or fenbendazole is not water soluble, and should be given orally to each chicken, 1/4 ml per pound for 5 straight days to treat for most chicken worms including gapeworm. Tylosin is usally available here, but they just ran out, so check in later:
I have searched high and low phone call after phone call and google search after google search. Tylan is impossible for me to get. I am able to get bird penicillin. Water soluble. Can I use this as a last resort and how long will i need to hold eggs?

Baytril is a great antibiotic for chickens. You can buy the 2.5% for direct injection (squirt into mouth, which I prefer) or the 10% solution to put into the water.

Good luck with your flock. I’m sorry you’re going through with this. I also recommend looking into a necropsy. Honestly it’s the only way to find the answers you need.
Thank you. The issue im running into is trying to find a vet. For three days now every vet office within hours of me has turned me away. They just dont deal in chickens. One vet office pretty much said they are a 5.00 throw away pet. We dont invest time in them. I have seriously been at a complete loss and Im starting to get very upset losing my chickens and there is nothing else I can do.

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