Please help me, sick lille chick.

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    A few days ago i noticed one of my girls was limping around. After looking at her i didnt see any evidence of bumblefoot or anything else. I do check my girls everyday, but noticing her limping still her today i picked her up and with some help got a really good look. It looks like her toes are all curled up in a ball and she has been walking on that ball even though it is painful for her. Has ANYONE seen this before?? Any ideas as to what it may be or what to do??? Lost and dont have a clue.
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    To me, it sounds like a leg injury. Leg injuries often cause limping and temporary curled toes. Isolate her from the other birds, and give vitamins. Keep her in a crate/pen with deep bedding and no roost. You might also want to give some electrolytes and probiotics to help with any stress. If she acts like she is in a lot of pain, you can give some aspirin (one baby aspirin per three pounds of body weight, given twice a day in some water with a syringe, or you can put five regular aspirins in one gallon of water, and let her drink that ). It will usually take several weeks (or longer) for a leg injury to heal.

    How old is she, and has she been vaccinated for Marek's disease? Marek's can also cause limping and walking on a curled foot.

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