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This may not be the right place to put this but I am in a rush. I have a hampshire pig that I need to sell ($30), we paid $60 for him just a few weeks ago right after he was wiened from his mother. My landlord showed up with a paper telling me I had 3 days to get rid of my animals or I had to surrender the premises. Right now I am extremely upset that I have to find a home for all my birds, my goats, ferrets, cats and pig. If you don't mind me ranting a minute... I am not just upset, I am livid. He knew I had these animals and even said it was ok. I have been in this house for almost 6 months and he decideds to just pop up with that notice???!!! But there is nothing I can do about it and that just tears my heart out more than anyone could believe.
There is a lot you can do about it!!!! Did you sign a lease? Does it state in the lease you cannot have animals? Is the paper he showed up with legal? Does not sound like it to me! Take a deep breath and do a little research. You may still have to move but that does not mean you have to get rid of your animals. Do not let this landlord intimidate you. He has probably got a better offer and just wants you out. Renters have rights! It is up to you to find out out what they are in your area and what your lease says.....if there is one. If there is not a signed have more rights than he does.
There is a lease. It says 3 dogs but in the past 6 months we have been here, he has seen my cats and the goats. Said nothing to me about it all. When we signed the lease, we asked him if we could have chickens bc there was already a chicken coop and run built in the back yard. He said we sure could. Stupid me for not getting him to put it in the lease. My husband is livid and has been talking to him back and forth all afternoon. I am hoping something gets starightened out before our 3 days are up. But I still need to find a home for Doc Holiday (the pig) just incase :(
Well great news. I found a wonderful home for my babies (chickens and pig) and I got ahold of who I needed to so I could prove to my landlord what animals I could have! So I get to keep 10 of my birds, my cats and my goats. (Well legally I get to keep my goats, just gotta talk the landlord into approving). Things might just work out for me for the most part :)

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