Please help my chicken!


Jan 13, 2016
She started out with little clear bubbles in her eye, now it looks like this! What is it and what can I do to help her?
Welcome to BYC. Is she a new hen or has she be exposed to a new chicken recently that could have been a carrier? She may have a respiratory disease such as mycoplasma (MG,) or possibly coryza (especially if there is a bad odor and thick nasal secretions.) She has sinus infection and conjunctivitis. Her eye and nostrils need to be cleaned with warm saline soaks to soften the drainage. If you see white to yellow thick pus in the eye, it will have to be removed with tweezers, cotton, QTips, and saline. Only then will some eye flushing, Vetericyn, or Terramycin Eye ointment can help the eye. She also probably needs an oral antibiotic such as Tylan or oxytetracycline. Is she drinking well? If not I would get some Tylan 50 injectable and give her 1 ml ORALLY twice a day for 5 days. Here is a good link about diseases that has info about MG and coryza:
Thank you! She isn't new, I have had her since August. I haven't added any new chickens since I got her. I have her on Oxytetracycline but she isn't drinking much. She is eating well though.

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