Please help ? My chikens sick?!!


5 Years
May 15, 2014
Ok I could really use some help please. I have 3 chickens 2 hens one Rooster. All in a coop. It started to notic my one chiken wasn't laying and then her comb is starting to like disapeer. It's so small now just little Spikes. She was making weird Noises like a constant cherp. And Hobbling around. Her feet look scaly. Now all of them have scaly feet and they are like walking on there tips of there feet. I also see that they will stand on one foot alot. I just don't know what to do?? I thought maybe mites? But don't know what to do. I'm new with this! If anyone could help I would be so greatful. Thank you!

You don't say how old your birds are, but it sounds like they may be starting to molt. Not sure about the leg problem - are you able to post pictures? It sounds a bit like scaly leg mite, but impossible to be sure. If it is scaly leg mite, cover the legs in vaseline in order to smother the mites. Apply in an upward direction so it gets under the scales. You will also need to clean the coop thoroughly will dilute bleach or similar, especially the perches & nest boxes.
It sounds to me like they have scaly leg mites, which are mites that burrow beneath the scales of the leg causing the scales to rise up and become crusty. To kill the mites, dip each bird's legs in oil or rub Vaseline over the legs. That will smother the mites. Repeat the oil treatment every few days for a few weeks. You'll also need to clean out your coop, spray or dust it with a mite/lice dust or spray (Sevin, etc.), and put in all fresh bedding.

The shriveled comb is probably because that hen is not laying, either because she is molting, sick, or stressed out by the mites. Killing the scaly leg mites (if they exist) should help her get back into condition. I would also consider putting some chicken vitamins/electrolytes and probiotics in your chickens' water, since those will give them extra strength.

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