Please help my duckling has a foamy eye

Does the little duckling have a way to wash it's face? something like this it's very important they can dunk their heads often to avoid foamy eye.
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Last night was the first night for our two ducklings woken up this morning and one keeps developing foam in its eye! Thanks

Hi there, could you post a picture of the eye affected?

Foamy eye is most commonly caused by foreign matter in the eye like bedding or food particles, it can also be caused by damage to the eye like damage inflicted by a drake or a bully duckling, on the more rare side it can indicate a respiratory infection, but most likely other symptoms would be present such as coughing, tail bobbing, wheezing, or discharge from the eye.

Fiding the cause is quite important so this doesn't happen again, if it were caused by bedding, make sure to include deep water in their pen 24/7, if the damage was inflicted by another duck, separate them, if respiratory, make sure to keep the pen clean from the on out, and practice good biosecurity.

For treatment, you can just wash the eye off, I believe @Miss Lydia uses 1/8th teaspoon o salt per cup of water for a saline wash, and then you can apply an ophthalmic gel to the surrounding eye.

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