Please Help. My goose is sick.


Jul 7, 2021
Help. My 4 math old gosling wasn’t eating right and straggling behind others and just died. I notice that two more have poopy butts (not bad, but noticeable). This made me look for signs in poop & I found some that best resembles black tar. I have another one now that isn’t eating right, scrabbling behind & seems unhealthy. They free range during the day and are put inside at night. I’m worried for my remaining 5 and wonder if whatever the problem is, could it spread to my chickens or turkeys. I’m rather new at this. Pls advise. Thx
Could you post pictures of any droppings you see, wether it’s the tar ones or not?

Also what feed are they on?

Have you noticed any other issues, like runny noses, bubbling eyes, coughing, sneezing, limping?

Is a vet an option?

My first guess is some sort of intestinal parasite, like coccidiosis or worms, you can try getting corid and putting it into their water for five days. But it’s hard to say that this is coccidiosis for sure.

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