Please help Need suggestions fast


9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
My chickens have been dying one by one and we can't figure out what is causing it. We finally have one with more symptoms she has ruffled feathers head tilts back with constant shaking cheaping alot not eating or drinking. she also acts like she is having siezures. She seems to be breathing fine though. please help

New symptom she twisted her head completely around and upside down. Everyone of them we have found deceased already have been the same way heads comepletely twisted around and upside down.

Brahma Mamma

In the Brooder
9 Years
Mar 16, 2010
I saw the symptoms of this in one of the two top threads of this area that have a list of diseases. Unfortunately most ailments can't be cured. If it makes you feel any better all of my 100 and dropping dead Rhode Islands have Cocci and my husband is running to the nearest medication one hour away right now to try and save them.

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