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    We found one of our wyndotte with what appeared to be her rectum hanging out. After an inspection it was not an egg it was compacted poop. We cleaned out the poop washed her up good and pushed the vent back in and it stayed. She seemed fine on the roost last night and has been eating and drinking fine but she keeps squatting like she has to poop but nothing comes out. What should we do next. Can we give her anything to soften the stool.
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    You can lubricate the vent with honey or Preparation H ointment. Give her some applesauce or a few drops of molasses orally to act as a laxative. I would take a rubber glove and insert a finger to make sure that she is not egg bound. Good work on getting the prolapse back inside. I would isolate her in a cage to make sure that she passes droppings. If she can't pass any, that would be an emergency that needs vet assistance. Cover her cage or keep it in the dark for 16 hours of every day to stop her from laying, but first make sure she is pooping.
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    put her on something nice and soft like a pillow and put some soothing music on to calm he down[​IMG]
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