Please Help! Pullet having laying trouble's....I think.


7 Years
Jul 10, 2012
The Foothills Of Chickendom
Usually of a morning when I let the girls out the 3 Araucana pullets are first out. But this morning 2 of 3 came out, I waited and finally the last one came out but she wasn't looking great. She was having trouble standing ( using her wings to support her ) and she was puffed up ( not bloated but uncomfortable ).

Any way, she finally ended up in a nest box ( with trouble ) and she has been sitting in there for about 3hrs now. She isn't overly straining but It does look like she is try in to lay an egg.
This will be her 1st egg ( her sister has already started ). She isn't old, so not egg bound.

I can't feel an egg anywhere. So not sure what is going on.

Please help!!!

She laid her egg a couple of hours ago. A lovely nice blue egg ( not big though ). She is now recovering in a separate cage with fresh food and water.

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