Please Help ! Road Island Hen is not feeling good not eating no drinking !!


7 Years
Feb 16, 2012
since yesterday she is just laying there or standing but not moving.... just tiny little bit.
i remember 2 days ago- it was raining like hell here-and some of the food got rotten- where i was cleaning everything she and another hen where there picking around. is it food poisining? if so what should i do/.
i put in the water the nutrition liquid.. but she is not drinking,
also i think she has arthritis... in her leg is that possible ? since she is always walking slow. also she is not laying anymore.. she is almost 3 years old
thanks for the help.
They may have avoided any food that was spoiled, especially if the other hen is not ill. If the problem is spoiled food, I'm not sure there is much you can do about it at this point. Vomiting can kill them in itself, and it sounds like it's too late to throw up what they ate. It's not a good sign when they won't eat or drink. You can try tube feeding if you wish; there are articles in the learning cener about how to do this. Or just try putting small amounts of water in her mouth with a dropper. It might be there is something that would be good to give her as a fluch, but I wouldn't know what to suggest.

It also concerns me that she is that young, yet has not layed an egg for months, along with the odd walk. Is she from a hatchery? I wonder if she is an internal layer, or has an ovarian cancer. Does her "belly" seem enlarged, or hard, or fluid filled? They may walk kind of like a penguin, with their legs apart, to accommodate the belly. I hope this isn't the problem.

I hope she gets better!
i got her from the fair where there are many baby hens,
what can i do if she lays internaly?? how can i help her ??
i just felt the belly- seems fine ( i hope i'm looking at the right spot ) i'm not really a chicken expert. :(
i would say it feels like the same as the other hens.
i looks to me like her legs turned more red colored then the yellow like it used to be.
also its more she walked cross legs like a duck.
she has lots of poop on her rear - just happend today- i will make her a warm steam bath and put her little butt in it. maybe it will help. i really dont know what to do,.
little update- she went out of her chicken coop- i let them range free all day long .
i gave her the bath...
she drank also some fresh water ... so lets hope...
Her legs turning a little red may actually be a good sign. They will do this when the hormones for egg laying get active, or increase. There is nothing you can do to cure internal laying, but if her belly feels like the others', chances are this is not the problem. She may have some sort of intestinal infection. It's possible she will respond to good food and a clean place to live, fresh air and grass, and improve greatly. I'd certainly give her a chance.

She might not have been eating or drinking because of the shock of the move.

I would suggest giving her some sort of probiotics. This can be a spoon of yogurt mixed in with a little feed, or probitics sold for people or for animals in the feed store. They will help her intestines have more normal organisms in there. I would probably also think about getting some Valbazen or Safeguard to worm her, but you might want to wait a week or two for this. Woem the whole flock when ou do. This will also help her have a healthier gut.
today she was eating some chicken lol and also some fresh water melon ;) ... she was walking around the yard.. slow , but still she did it.. and she went alone again in her coop.... she is looking better i would say.
tomorrow i will give her a warm bath again. maybe it helps.
she also got some butter squash ;)
thanks for the input

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