7 Years
Mar 27, 2012
My daughter has 2 Pekins approx 2 months old. One "Jack" is thriving, but "Sally" has gone downhill in the last week. At first we thought that maybe she just had a leg injury from running and falling and being trampled, albeit accidently, by Jack. Last week, it was a limp but yesterday when my daughter cam home, it appeared that Sally had gotten into her pool, but had been unable to get out. the feathers under both wings are thin and sparse, she is using her wings to try to stabalize herself if she tries to move. neither leg seems to be functioning correctly and she scoots vs walks. She eats and drinks if it is placed directly within her reach, but is unable to go to it. They both live in a fenced area with ample shelter and a heat lamp at night when it gets cooler. I did examine her feet and legs and did not see any difference between the two, no lacerations, or swelling noted. THey are finishing a bag of 20% protein feed, have pine shavings in their shelter, no straw, and have not been attacked by any animal. We have no avian vets in our area so we are looking for any ideas fo what to do from here. Thank you in advance for any help.
20% is a too high for ducks,at this stage, you need more like 15-16% which you could cut with oats...But it more likely be low niacin, ducks need more than feeds contain usually, some are even more sensitive than others. Add Brewers yeast (pet store, or online)or sprinkle Niacin capsules over feed,(not non-flush). I had one do that with a young duck and ended up having to hold her daily for about a week to eat and let her rest in a pen , till she grew stronger. She is a runner,and I find I have 2 of them that are real sensitive to niacin getting low. When they free range they are fine...
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