please help!!! there’s something wrong with my baby duck!!


Apr 3, 2021
This duckling hatched about 24 hours ago and I’m not sure what’s wrong with her she’s chirping and seems okay but she’s curling up and thinks she’s still in the egg what can I do? I’ve posted about this asking for help but nobody seems to be answering and I don’t wanna lose her!
Oct 21, 2020
If she's part out of the egg but not making a move you might have to extract her. Observe the yolk sack. If necessary moisten it a bit so that the chick can absorb it faster. If you do remove her. Use a clean sicssors. And cut the umbilical cord. Leave a tiny bit of cord and squeeze it to stop any bleeding. Hold for 2 min. And if you want wrap her In a paper towel with her head picking out.

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