Please Help They Are Dying As I Type This And I Dont Know What To Do


11 Years
Dec 2, 2008
I went out to feed and water them and they were all fine (3 ducklings and 2 goslings) then after i had given them water and food...they all drank and ate the same food...the goslings started flopping around and thrashing like they were in pain...laying on their sides and just acting like they are dying...the ducklings are not acting like this but both goslings are...can anyone help me!!
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Where they out of water when you went to feed and water them? I don't have a lot of experience with it, but I have read that ducks can "waterlog", if they drink too much too fast. They can actually die. If they were really hungry and thirsty, they may have overdid it on both. I know when I got my ducklings in, the instructions said to give them water for 15 minutes, then take it away for 15 minutes, and after a few times of that, to just leave it for them. It gives them a chance to drink without overdoing it.

Hopefully someone with more experience can chime in.

It is dangerous to ever let ducklings (I'm sure Goslings too) run out of water. It can be deadly, especially if they have access to food at the time. They will fill themselves up with food and then when they drink, the water expands the food. They can die from this. I imagine that is what you are seeing. If they ever run out of water, try to take the food away from them for awhile to allow them to digest and then begin adding the water back at 15 minute increments until they are rehydrated and digest the food some. They can also water log separate from the issue with the food. Again though, when I have heard that happening, it is almost always after they have run out of water.

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