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Jan 25, 2008
I have eggs in the bator and they r geowing but when it comes time to hatch they r dieing in the shell before they come out I might get 1 out of 5 to hacth the rest die inthe shell Why??? My temps stay at 100. and the water never dired out
If they are shipped eggs, they could have had rough handling or been xrayed.

Or if you are monitoring humidity, it should be between 65 and 70%. If it goes higher than that, the chicks can drown when they pip the air cell. If it is too low, the membrane can be too thick or sticky and they can't turn or get through it.

There are SOOOO many things that can go wrong with incubation. It is a constant reminder that life is a MIRACLE!! And we can't take it for granted. Good luck!
Do you have a hygrometer? Even if the water never dries out there still might not be enough humidity.. Once they pip it has to be real humid so that they can move around in the shell to zip out. I have to add a bowl of water with several sponges to get my humidity high enough. I would think that is the problem, also if your humidity is only around 30 to 40% they might be loosing to much moisture and the membrain is shrinking around them and they cant move. Been there and done that. Now that I am getting my humidity levels where they are suppose to be I am haveing MUCH better hatches. Good luck, Jenn
Cut down surface area or open vents if high. Increase surface area, close vents, or add wicks if low.

Play about until it's right. Use any or all the above.

Don't completely close ventilators tho.
if it is too low, add a bowl of water (with marbles in it so newborns don't drown) or some wet sponges. If it is too high, crack the lid a bit until it reaches the right level or try to suck some of the water out from your troughs.
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You can use a bunch of things. A sponge standing in water, facecloths ... anything that will wick the water into the airflow. Actually, what you are doing is massively increasing the surface area.

FWIW, if I need to do this, I use humidifier filters as they are designed specifically for the job, and work really well.
i only have had 2 hacth 4 hatch and 2 died after coming out of th shell they woulnd stay off there backs and the other 2 one is doing great the other is week and I have had 10 died in the shell and got more to be coming but i dont see anymovie ment int he shell
hey sis sorry to hear you are still having problems getting your babies to hatch. i have one of those thermo/hydro meter thingys I got it at walmart for around 11$ and it helps me to see the humidity works really well.

hope the rest of your hatches go better


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