Please help, what is wrong with her leg?

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    Okay I am reposting this, because I think the old one may not have had as good of info. This is a chicken that is now 4 weeks old. When born her legs were fine, then about 1 week ago I noticed she kind of moved to one side, but I think she is blind on that side so I did not think much of it. However, 4 days ago she stopped “walking” she now "hobbles" with one leg out to the side, when she gets going fast it is in a circular motion, kind of like drawing an “m”, if that makes sense. So it seems to be getting worse. She can not keep up with the group and seems to get tired faster. Any ideas on what this could be? I have also posted on the injures group, but it seems this is not an easy one to get help on. Please keep in mind, it does not appear to hurt her when I mess with the leg.



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    I'm not quite sure what to tell you. Usually major leg problems became apparent during the first week of life. I would recommend hobbling or splinting her legs like you would a chick with spraddle leg, but I'm not sure how effective this is on month-old chickens.

    It could be she just isn't absorbing the nutrients she needs. There's a product--and stop reading if you have all ready done this--called Poly Vi Sol (without iron) that many use to treat nutritional deficiencies in chicks. Just dribble a few drops down her beak at least once a day, if you can. If her problem is nutritional, you should start to see improvements!

    Worst case scenario, it's something neurological, maybe even a disease like Merecks. I've never experienced Merecks first-hand, so I'm afraid I can't say if this is an early symptom or not.

    Best of luck with your chick!
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    Hi RachaelS,
    Have you looked up perosis and/or twisted leg?

    There may be some benefit to giving her some extra vitamins and minerals, although it may be a little late. The trouble is that the ligaments on one side of her leg would already have shortened while the other side are either ruptured or out of alignment.

    I'm very ignorant about these conditions but perhaps it would be an idea to try splinting... Though you don't want to stress the hip area either, so I'm not sure it's a great idea given the amount of twist she's showing.

    For me it would probably down to a question of pain and ongoing trauma, vs whether she can function well enough to basically enjoy life.

    Sorry about all that, I hope you find decent info and some help. [​IMG]
    best wishes

    Sorry Blue_Myst, I type slow... Didn't see that you'd answered.[​IMG]
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    Quote:No need to apologize, the more answers, the better! [​IMG]

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